White Kraft Pouches

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  • Improve the image of products
  • Good shading function
  • Excellent heat sealing ability
  • Oxygen, shielding, moisture-proof.
  • Material: White Kraft
  • Apply for: Snack Food Packaging
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Kraft stand-up pouch zipper bags with clear PET window and a standup gusset base. This is the most common pouch bag used in the market. It has two Kraft paper colors for choice, white and brown, with 9 sizes from small to large to meet different product packaging needs.

Our Kraft zipper pouch bags consist of 3 layers of materials. Waterproof outside and anti-oil greaseproof layer inside, which suit for packing some oil contained snacks food products, for retail and storage.

White, brown color pouch bags as well as transparent and aluminum pouch bags are made of FDA-approved food-grade material. Both colors come in various sizes from small to big to meet different food packaging or any other retail product packing requirements.


  • Modern fashion appearance. Improve the image of products.
  • Good shading function and excellent heat sealing ability.
  • Good anti-static, oxygen, shielding, moisture-proof.
  • Aluminum Foil Self-standing bag with zipper.
  • Good strength and hardness, non-brittleness, excellent tear resistance.

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10×15, 12×20, 14×20, 16×22, 18×26, 20×30


50 pieces, 100 pieces, 200 pieces, 500 pieces, 1000 pieces


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